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NTBA joins the trend toward easier, speedier, higher tech ways to raise funds for youth sports teams

(June 19, 2017, Newark, NJ) Assisted Fundraising announced it has been named the official team fundraising partner of the National Travel Basketball Association, or NTBA, which runs one of the largest series of youth hoops tournaments for boys and girls 3rd through 12th grade, involving approximately 1,000 teams.

“Like most youth sports leagues and tournament organizations, NTBA wants to provide the best experience for its teams, from facilities to fairness to referees and refreshments,” said John Whitley, Founder and President of NTBA.  “And part of providing the best these days is full and fast funding, with minimal distraction for busy coaches and team leaders.  So we reached out to our trusted partners in the hoop community, who referred us to Assisted Fundraising for ease of use, high yields and speed.”

The NTBA is riding a wave of demand for quality tournament opportunities and reliable tournament organization brands in youth team sports.  Its ability to attract a growing group of over 1,000 teams who return season after season is testimony to NTBA’s commitment to high standards. data reports there are 32.1 million American youth athletes, and 7.9 million high school athletes playing team sports, and altogether these teams fundraise up to $3 billion to meet their budget needs.  In 2016, with 15 years’ experience as a youth league leader and media entrepreneur, founder leader Anne-Sophie Whitehead launched  Since then, it has become the funding partner of choice for leagues, clubs and teams like those playing in NTBA competitions, and in 20 other team sports as well.

“Today’s youth league leaders, parents and players face record-high team costs.  The financial pressure is most intense for clubs that travel and compete at the higher levels,” says Anne-Sophie Whitehead.  “Truth is, I learned the hard way as a 15-year youth league leader that old team fundraising habits such as candy sales, banquets, events and raffles are too hard, slow, and low-yielding.  So we built Assisted Fundraising with new mobile technologies and expert service to be easy, fast and high-yielding enough to become teams’ new funding habit.  We’re honored to be selected by the NTBA and look forward to helping its teams raise the funds they need.”

About the National Travel Basketball Association (NTBA)

The National Travel Basketball Association (NTBA) hosts tournaments across the country for boys and girls 3rd – 12th grade. Our National Championship conclude each year in late June through mid-July in sunny Myrtle Beach, SC. NTBA’s highly experience staff works hard to bring you the most organized events in the country. We believe in making all of our tournaments affordable while still providing the best service in the industry such as great team and individual awards, certified officials, great facilities, and much more! We look forward to serving your team needs and seeing you at one of our incredible upcoming events.  More information at

 About League Network and Assisted Fundraising Assisted Fundraising is part of, a media platform started in 2016 by 15-year youth sports and media leader Anne-Sophie Whitehead to help 41,000 leagues in 21 team sports make Better Leagues, Better Lives. media drives demand for Assisted Fundraising, which since its early 2017 launch has become “the new team funding habit.”  We are backed by pro athletes and venture capitalist investors and based at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, NJ.  More information at

Media Contact:  Elijah Masek Kelly, Powerful Outreach,

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