How hard is it to get noticed by college scouts?

Some might say that it depends on who you are and where you go to high school. It’s true that some high schools are already on the radar of most college scouts.

But really, the answer is that it depends on who you are and how determined you are. Whether you are from a small town or a high school athletics program, there are ways that you can get yourself in front of the college scouts.

You need to be proactive and prepared for the process of identifying the right college for you and getting the coach to take notice. It’s a daunting process, but well-worth it considering the outcome could be a full ride scholarship. Here are some tips on how to get exposure to college scouts:

Recruiting services may be considered the easiest approach, but it’s also the most expensive. A recruiting service will put together a recruiting video for you by using existing video that’s been shot of your during your high school career. This is why it’s ideal to have had a friend or family member shoot video of you during all your games. The higher quality the video, the better.

The recruiting service will compile the highlights of your video to create a compelling recruiting video that they will send to college coaches.

College coaches revealed that they receive dozens of recruiting videos each week from high school students all across the United States. The good news is that most college coaches have said that they review every single one of them; admitting that they would hate to be the one to miss out on a great recruit simply because they skipped on watching a few recruiting videos.

And if you want to save yourself from spending money on a recruiting service, you can put together your own highlight video. You may have a friend or know someone who can take your existing video and put together a video for you at a fraction of the cost or even for free!

This is where it pays to have been prepared at the beginning of your junior and senior year and had someone present at each one of your games to film you in action. A good quality camera with a good zoom function would be ideal.

Getting college coaches to notice you would also take a lot of research and work on your end. You’ll be the one responsible for sending all the video to the right people. Visit college websites and find the schools you are interested in. Apart from sending the videos, make sure you craft letter or emails that express your interest in their school and sports program.

If you’re not already on a college coach’s radar, it will be challenging to get noticed considering the thousands of others all over the country who have the same dream as you. However, it’s not impossible. It takes hard work and persistence.