How to Retain Youth Coaches After Their Child Stops Playing

Sep 5, 2018

Coaches are valuable members of any sports organization. How well they prepare the team tactically, physically and mentally determines the success of the entire team. But good youth coaches also are excellent teachers, educating kids about the importance of having fun over winning, teamwork and […]


Should There Be Equal Playing Time in Youth Sports?

Aug 30, 2018

Equal playing time is a major topic for discussion when talking about youth sports. While some coaches and parents, view it as a way to win games and develop only the most promising players, others don’t agree. They argue that playing sports at the youth […]


5 Most Charitable Pro Athletes

Aug 24, 2018

A pro athlete isn’t born overnight. It takes a lot of hard work, sacrifice, and perseverance to become successful. It also requires a considerable amount of support from their family, friends, coaches, and their entire community. Athletes are aware of this. That’s why each year […]


Impact of Social Media on Young Athletes

Aug 21, 2018

It’s hard to find someone who isn’t on social media these days. Everywhere you turn someone is chatting, posting, liking or sharing something on their phone. While you may remember a time when such a thing didn’t exist; for millennial athletes, social media is a […]


Should My High School Athlete Be Taking Supplements?

Aug 16, 2018

When our children were younger, sports were more about having fun and making friends. But by the time they reach high school, sports become increasingly more competitive, and teen athletes start to think of their futures and how games play a role. Even their parents […]


7 Smart Strategies to Get Ready for Tryouts

Aug 13, 2018

Tryouts offer kids an excellent opportunity to show their skill and potential in a sport they love, and hopefully, be successful in making it on the team. But as exciting as team tryouts can be, expect your child to be full of emotions. Even kids […]


How Much Sleep Your Athlete Gets Directly Impacts Performance

Aug 7, 2018

Many athletes overlook how the quality and quantity of their sleep has a lot to do with their performance. When sleep is disturbed, cut short, or if you don’t get enough hours of sleep, it can disrupt your body’s standard brain functions. When you don’t […]


4 Fundamentals of Being a Youth Sports Referee

Jul 27, 2018

With the shortage of sports officials in youth sports, now is a great time to become a referee. It would be a shame if our kids lost the opportunity to play the sports they love because there were no referees or umpires to officiate games. […]


Michigan sports venture fund invests in youth-league platform

Jul 27, 2018

Opportunity Seed, a Wolverine Lake-based fund that targets sports and tech companies, has invested $150,000 in a youth-league growth platform. The Michigan fund aims to support organizations with social-impact goals in sports. Its investment in Newark, N.J.-based League Network represents about 10 percent of the […]