There are already plenty of disturbances during games such as an overly enthusiastic crowd or a trash-talking opponent. While you can choose to ignore these, some distractions are not quite easy to disregard; like the cold weather.

Depending on the sport, dressing for games during the cold weather days may vary, but most have the same focus, which is to keep your extremities warm. To break it down further, here are some tips to keep warm during those cold weather games. This guide also applies to spectators.

Long sleeve undershirts are made with thicker material than regular undershirts and can be worn under jerseys. The inside should have a fleece lining that will insulate the warmth.

Leggings come in a variety of styles and may not always be an option depending on your sport, but they do come in fitted and compression so that they can be easily worn underneath your uniform. They keep you and your muscles warm.

Spectators can wear mittens to keep their hands warm, but it would be ideal for athletes to wear gloves, for obvious reasons. Athletes still need to full use of their fingers when playing the game. For baseball players, there are even cold weather batting gloves designed specifically for the cold weather; they are durable and more importantly, not bulky.

As you may know, most the body’s heat escapes through the head which is why wearing a cap is essential during cold weather games. Wear one that is thick enough to retain heat while also being long enough to cover your ears.

Most people say that they feel the most coldness in their feet which is why you shouldn’t forget to wear either extra socks or very thick socks. Wool socks do a great job of insulating the heat. Pack an extra pair in case they get wet from sweat during the game.

Other tips to staying warm
Vaseline seems to be a trick that many professional athletes use to help protect them from cold. Rubbing some on your face, arms, or anywhere your skin is exposed can help soothe your skin from that prickly sensation you get when the cold wind hits you.

Hydration is important before, during, and after a game. During cold weather games, hot chocolate or even chicken broth is a great way to refuel during halftime while also keeping your body temperature up. However, be mindful of how much you intake as you run the risk of all those fluids sloshing around in your belly. The last thing you want it to vomit during the game.